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FANLISTING the fanlisting for the relationship between Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan from the FOX television show Bones. This is the only one listed at The Fanlisting network. Part of

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OPENED: May 25, 2008

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It's just about right... almost two years later I produce a 2nd layout. Haha! We're now up to 876 members. The joining form glitch has been fixed since the upgrade. This section is still in need of buttons, if you have anything you would like to share, please email them to me here.

We're now up to 136 members. I just wanted to let everyone know that the main site is finally open. Stop by and if you have anything to share don't forget to drop us a line.

We're now up to 127 members. Yay! I just wanted to keep you guys updated on the fansite. Sure it's been over a month and a half, but really we're working on it. I just wanted to say thanks to: Andrea, Arwen, Alie, Ceci and Mickey for helping out with the site. The gallery, which is a work in progress, is open for viewing. If we can't give you the site, we can at least give you pretty pics to look at. The site is also being hosted by so it'll definitely have the usual goodies. Thanks for stopping by.

We're now up to 80 members. Great spike! Thanks to everyone for sharing the link to this fanlisting. I just wanted to share with everyone that after talking to Andrea, I've decided to make the fanlisting into a fansite. Once I'm all caught up with my other sites, I'm expanding the site into one of my unused domains Luckily Booth/Bones also fit the name to the T. So new fansite coming this summer. If anyone wants to help out be a cowebby, please email me at

We're now up to 33 members. Woohoo!! I've managed to set up the gallery section. I've added:

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I'm still debating on adding the screencaptures. I don't know yet. There's already lots of sites with them. So if I ever do add them, they'll just be the uber cute scenes. I'm a fangirl afterall. If there's anything you'd like to contribute please email me. If you'd like to be affiliated I'm accepting. :) The characters of Bones lead a thrilling life on the TV show. But, it's amazing to think that there are people that actally live this type of drama every day. Cops, private investigators, real forensic scientists and FBI investigators.... LOL, even people who have dabbled in paralegal studies have seen at least a hint of the criminal world. I can't even imagine it. Here's hoping there's a hook up soon, well at least before the season finale.

After a very long delay... the fanlisting for the relationship between Booth and Temperance has finally been opened. Please join if you're a fan. Photo caps taken from

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