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... to the fanlisting for the relationship between Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars from The CW Network show Veronica Mars. This is the only one listed at The Fanlisting network. Part of

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OPENED: JAN 04, 2005
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Last updated: 13th January 2017
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APR292007 New layout! We're now up to 1645 members. I've been slacking on updating the main site, but I'm hoping to add more to the fanlisting section. The layout is from a wallpaper that I made. Just not as inspired these days. So if you're stopping by, and have yet to join, don't forget to stop by the join section.

APR242006 Wow!!! We've finally hit 1001 members! Thanks everyone for joining. We've been getting so much LoVe love these past few episodes. Tomorrow will be an awesome episode. Don't forget to watch it at it's new/old time. Tuesday at 9 pm. More additions have been added to the main site. Don't forget to stop by

JAN252006 New layout. 3 new 50x50 codes added. We're now up to 814 members. Woot woot!! And they're not even together. Hopefully there'll be plenty of LoVe to go around later. (Lame I know). And if you like the layout, (hehe), it's from a {wallpaper}.

SEP212005 Wow! We're now up to 500 members. It's awesome!! Hopefully our second season will bring us more LoVe goodness.

JUN172005 Site revamped and new codes added. Woohoo!! We're now up to 357 members.

JAN042005 Fanlisting opened. If you're a fan, please join! OMG, maybe Logan and Veronica will even start dating!! We can only hope... Thanks for visiting.

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